ID halsband

Design een individuele halsband voor je viervoeter. De dikte van het touw, de kleur van de sluiting en de kleurcombinatie: je kunt alles naar eigen wens samenstellen!

Een halsband voor het naamplaatje van je hond (het naamplaatje zit er niet bij). Deze halsband is extra licht zodat hij de hele dag kan worden gedragen.

Let op: Is de omvang van het hoofd kleiner of gelijk dan de nek, kan het gebeuren dat de halsband van het hoofd afglijdt.

ID halsband

€ 27,00Prijs

    Will I get coached personally?

    I will have a laser style coaching approach, along with Q&A. I will try to focus on as many people as possible. This will also depend on the size of the group and the participants who have tuned in live. Either way you will also be able to ask questions in our private Facebook group that I will respond to personally.

    What is the time commitment needed?

    Around 2 hours of screen time (masterclasses + group coaching) and 1-2 hours of exercises & workbooks per week* *The time needed for the exercises depends on your involvement and on the curriculum of that specific week. Sometimes some daily practises are recommended (i.e. self-compassion journal) which might take 5min a day. I have attempted to make a rough estimation of the weekly time commitment, which totals around 3-4 hours.

    What if I miss a group coaching call?

    No worries at all! Group coaching sessions will all be recorded and made available, within 24hrs of the call.

    When does the program start and end?

    Saturday, June 5th and it ends August 4th.

    What days and times will the sessions take place?

    Every Saturday a new recorded masterclass will be made available in the course platform, along with the corresponding workbook. Then, every Wednesday we will have the 90minute group coaching call on zoom. Current time for the group call is 1pm UK / 8am New York /8pm Bali If you cant make the call one day no worries! You will be able to access the recordings and you can post your question in the private Facebook group where I will get back to you personally.

    What is EFT (tapping)?

    Emotional freedom technique (EFT), which people often refer to as "tapping", is an alternative therapy that can help many conditions such as anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), phobias, physical pain, trauma and more. In EFT we literally "tap" on different parts of the body which correspond to meridians (that are energy centers used in acupunture and acupressure). By doing so we balance energy and release blocked emotions from the body. EFT's effectiveness in working with trauma is extensive.Whilst it can bring immediate relief from traumatic memories, it is also a gentle tool for revealing the many layers and aspects that may be connected with trauma, working through them systematically and effectively until their emotional charge has gone.

    What are my qualifications?

    I have been exploring topics related to psychology, personal development and spirituality for over 10 years. My mission is to help highly sensitives take control of their emotional wellbeing, release limiting beliefs and cultivate self-love so that they can fully step into their power and have the loving relationships they desire. I have an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology from the University of East London and a Diploma of Personal Coaching from Kingstown College, Dublin. I am also a certified Pranic Healing and EFT Practitioner.

    How much does the program cost & what will I get?

    €784 (2 Installments) OR €1427 (Pay in Full - Save €247) YOU WILL GET: - Nine value packed masterclasses - Nine 90-minute live group coaching calls - Four guest expert trainings - Course workbooks, positive psychology interventions & exclusive resources every week - 1h workshop "How to detect, avoid and stop attracting narcissts" - Access to my online 4 week meditation program “From Fear to Authenticity" - Private Facebook group & soul-aligned community - A 10% discount on future retreats


    De 'design your own' producten worden extra voor jou en je viervoeter gemaakt! Daarom duurt het 3-4 weken voordat je product wordt verstuurd. Onze Limited Edition en lijnen die we op voorraad hebben worden binnen 3 werkdagen verstuurd.


    Als je een halsband voor je hondje wilt kopen is het belangrijk dat je de halsomvang van je hondje juist opmeet. Neem hiervoor een kijkje bij de meetinstructies!